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Ramko Injection Headquarters

Ramko Injection, Inc. is a full-service custom plastic injection molding facility. We offer services ranging from design and engineering, to part production and final packaging of your product.

Ramko Injection building front view
Ramko Injection machine
Ramko Injection warehouse

Our Facilities

Inside our 40,000 square foot facility, we have put together state of the art equipment, and a stellar work force to bring your molded parts to life! Whatever your needs may be, Ramko Injection is here to help make them a reality.

Our Capabilities

With molding machines capable of creating parts from the size of the eraser on the tip of your pencil, up to (and sometimes exceeding) the fender of your car, we are able to successfully supply your needs.

Our Warehouse

Our extensive warehouse is capable of housing all your parts while our shipping department will ensure they are delivered to your location on time and in perfect condition.

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